Writing for Cultural Studies

by Peter Freeman

It’s interesting because, as far as I know, there isn’t a “set” way to write within the cultural studies field; rather, it follows the somewhat familiar tone and style of other critical “disciplines.” But what’s different here is that cultural studies often utilizes an examination of where the writer is coming from, in terms of the judgments and critiques that the author employs.

“But Peter, what would that look like?” Well, let me tell you, madam.

Say you’re writing a piece on Walmart, and you’ve concluded that, as consumers, we shouldn’t shop there because of the labor practices they are infamous for. That’s all well and dandy, but what cultural studies can do is point out that there is a certain level of privilege that comes along with being able to make that claim; in other words, folks who can’t afford to shop elsewhere may not be in a position to choose whether or not to shop at Walmart.

So while this level of reflection isn’t always required of students, it may be something worthwhile to ask them to think about.


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