My Challenge to Write Every Day

by Jessica Hoffart

Recently I challenged myself to start writing every day. I used to do this without any hassle. In fact, for a long time in high school the moments in which I got to sit down and journal were some of my favorite. Now with my time being filled with work and school, I forget to sit down and take that time for myself and get my words down.

For a writer, writing consistently and often is important, and I have failed to do this. So like I said, I wanted to push myself to start writing daily again, and I found a website to help motivate this act. The website is a site that gives writers points if they complete all 750 words in a day and adds points if you are consistent and come back daily or often.

The first day I did well. I got all my words out in a little over twenty minutes, and although it was more like a journal entry, it was something. I felt good that day. The next day was similar, but on the third day I forgot completely. I am someone who has a computer near me most of my day so it is not hard to log onto the website and start typing, but that day the thought never crossed my mind. On the fourth day there was more pain and resistance when it came to writing. I had remembered my goal of writing every day but I couldn’t find any words. My day had been pretty basic and I didn’t feel like writing about how uneventful it had been. I ended up only writing fifty words that day and it was mostly about how I had nothing to say.

This process of trying to get back into a routine has proven to be difficult, but it has also made me realize something about my process for writing. I still believe that writing daily is good for every writer, but I have come to terms with the fact that sometimes the words just are not there.

I also realized that I would rather write with pen and paper than type my thoughts. I love the way certain pens glide along the lines and how new paper smells. So I have decided to challenge myself again. This time I am picking up one of my many notebooks and the new challenge is to fill it by the end of this coming fall quarter.

Wish me luck.


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