Celebrate Writing? Seriously?

by Cate Foster

This week is International Writing Centers Week. What exactly does that mean, you ask? According to the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA), it’s “an opportunity for people who work in writing centers to celebrate writing and become more aware of the important role of their individual campus/community writing centers.” So what does that mean, you’re probably asking yourself.

The tutors here at the UW Bothell Writing Center all share a love of language and writing. However, we recognize that not everyone shares our enthusiasm for the written word. Writing can be hard. We want to help students become stronger, more confident writers. And this is why I think that this week is more about celebrating the students who use our services and encouraging those who haven’t yet to give us a try.

Last quarter we had 2,444 appointments! This was a record-breaking number of tutoring sessions. If you are a UW Bothell student who has yet to use our service, I highly recommend coming in to work with a Writing Consultant or submitting your paper online. Having someone assist with brainstorming or having a fresh pair of eyes look over your draft can be incredibly helpful.

In celebration of International Writing Centers Week, the tutors at the Writing Center will host a flash mob on campus this Thursday. Remember School House Rock and Conjunction Junction? We will converge on the Commons at 3:30, February 17, 2011 to sing Conjunction Junction. If you don’t remember the lyrics, click here. The more the merrier, so feel free to join in the fun!


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