Snow Days: Poems from the Stir Crazy

Snow Dragon, Kat S.

The University of Washington Bothell campus was closed due to snow and ice last week. Did you wonder what the Writing Center staff was doing with the time off?  Well, they wrote about it, of course. Here are some poems about our snow days:

Poem by Shana H.

Snowy bird feeder.
Fierce little dragons fight
over an icy seed.

One Poem by Linda D.

Under a full moon
Legendary snow dragon’s
Icy stare at Kat

Two Poems by Kat S.

Downy falling snow
feathers plucked from angels’ wings
What a rotten thing to do

Timid moonlit flakes
within their crystalline cocoon
Lunar dragon fodder

Three Poems by Heather M.

deceptive blanket
crunchy icy hard and cold
winter’s slow retreat

lumpy futon pad
I just need to get some sleep!
curses, foiled again.

Ode to an Injury

The icy streets were too slick
and the sled too fast.
Adam will think me ungrateful.

Gentle curved whites
sauced slick
click and clack
baby back
stacked at the edge of the plate
where beans wait
with green tomatoes, fresh
second fiddle
fingers stained
and sweet,
with memories of home.

There once was a girl from Alabam’
Who tried to sled in a roasting pan
But on ice, not snow!
And her sleigh wouldn’t slow
So her ribs lost the upper hand.



  1. I wrote an Oulipo.

    Delay of a Gale,

    Delete, yo!

    Pry of six dogs win iota.
    Try a’la late pet, sick stop.

    Dole lode “yup”.
    Stab vein lip bogey isn’t a grinded win; being a boy.
    Yale toga is total my hoisted ole’ lobe; Jobe, Jake, Juleyet.

    Hey, a fetch prim grimy shot of a fry striped, ok?
    Taped vision, yo. Chop a bot, mixed of nips!

    -Dupe la Yego

    • Thank you for your contribution, Drew.
      For our readers who may be unfamiliar with OULIPO poetry, OULIPO is based on the philosophy that mathematics and poetry are connected. OULIPO poetry is created using a formula and the outcome is intended to be playful.

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