Poems: Tutors Bid Farewell to January

As midterm approaches, the UW Bothell Writing Center consultants say good-bye to January, but, according to a certain woodchuck, not to winter.

Groundhog, aka woodchuck, aka whistle pig

By Cate Foster

she pours her light
through the cold window panes
liquid beams dissolve shadows
silver waves soften each surface
pale sea with its quiet current
washes away all thoughts, all cares
until all is still

The Ultimate Snow Ball Fight
By Elizabeth Babadzhanova

“Re-match!” I hear
So early in the morning,
I jump out of bed
It couldn’t be flaking.

I look outside my window
Only to see
A covered borough
In a thick white snuggie

Is it really so?
Or is it just a dream
That we’re finally in town for the wonderful snow?
So overjoyed, I could scream

After eight long years,
My brother and I found our chance
To redeem the tears
From the last snowball dance

My brother is dressed and ready to go
Scarves, hats, gloves, and now on go the boots
It has finally come time to go put on a show
We march outside and give our salutes

The neighborhood kids are no longer young
Yet still ready to play
Just a little high strung
But definitely ready to confidently repay

No mercy this time
So build up strong forts
For a combat sublime
The battle now jolts

Snowballs are flying
Some wait for the perfect moment
Others are spying
We all return home very content

To feel like a kid again
Is quite the gift
We’ve turned into icemen
But boy did our rematch really uplift.

By  Katie Grainger

Woodchuck danced a mournful jig
then went home to his whirligig

Poor little whistle pig
saw his shadow, became dismayed
and so he began to dig
arriving home he took a swig
Poor little whistle pig
if he’d spied spring he might have stayed

By Kat S.

woodchuck wakes early
feels the lingering frost
chased by her shadow
back to bed– happily
sets her alarm for spring


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