Teachers That Inspire

In observance of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked some of our Writing Consultants to write about something a favorite teacher once did that in some way, inspired their writing.

Here is what they said:

When my teacher first introduced me to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it opened me up to the elaborate schemes that writing has to offer.

Kristoffer Warren

During my BCUSP 134 class, my professor took the time to let me know I had a deeper understanding of writing and that I had the potential to be a great writer. Her encouragement followed me throughout every writing assignment I completed in my undergraduate education and still does today.

Elizabeth Babadzhanova

When I was asked to write an inquiry paper for the first time, I freaked out. I didn’t even know how to begin. My professor walked me through the process and explained the benefits of writing such a paper. This professor showed me that I can successfully write a paper that’s so different from the papers that I normally write. And now, I only want to write inquiry papers.

Kalpita Joshi

My first college level literature professor used to say every symbol in western literature could be traced back to either Achilles or Jesus. While this may not be entirely accurate, the professor’s enthusiasm for the texts and ability to derive meaning from the driest and most unassuming passages is what first inspired my interest in close reading.

Jeffrey Thompson

My college professor during sophomore year once wrote the words,”You need to write better,” on one of my assignments. I was quite insulted by his bluntness. Since then, however, I have trained myself to understand the basics of literary theory and intellectual discourses at the same time forcing myself to write a novel. Needless to say, this professor acted as a poisonous catalyst to fuel and sparks my love to write.

Disko Praphanchith


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