Excercise #2: The No-Risk Compare & Contrast Paper

The exercise: Write a compare and contrast paper to seriously compare two low-stakes and/or silly things

The purpose: To become more confident with writing in general and brainstorming and comparing/contrasting in particular

The steps:

1.  Pick a topic below or come up with your own. Compare and contrast:


2.  For this type of essay it is very helpful to brainstorm a little before you begin. You could use any brainstorming method you like or try one of these:


3.  Now that you have your ideas down, set your timer for 15 minutes

4.  As soon as the timer begins, write continuously. Even though you are comparing and contrasting two things, it’s still very important to get as much as you can down on paper (or the computer)

5.  After the 15 minutes is up, read through the paper. Pay attention to how closely you followed the structure of your brainstorming. Circle every point of comparison and contrast that you made.

6.  Highlight every sentence that you felt proud of, that sounded good to you or that sounded like your voice

7.  Now that you’ve had fun comparing something silly – check out these resources to help with academic writing:




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