Writing Prompts for the Week

It’s easy to get stuck in your writing. Maybe you can’t seem to think of any ideas. Maybe you have an idea that you can’t quite put to paper. In situations like these, writing prompts can be useful: they get you writing, they give you something to write about, and they get your mind off of your other writings for a while. Each week, I’ll be posting a few writing prompts that we use in the Red Couch Writers meetings. Use them to get some words flowing. I recommend spending about an hour or so on a prompt, then reviewing what you’ve written. Share with others. And write while drinking delicious tea.


Look around the room and find one object to focus on. Stare at the object. Observe the object. Become the object. Then close your eyes. Imagine the object. Without opening your eyes, recall as much detail as you can about the object.

Open your eyes and take notes on the object based on what you could recall. Use the notes to write a poem or a story.



Take a dictionary and pick out 10 random words. Write a 10-sentence story, each sentence beginning with one of the 10 random words.

Red Couch Writers is a chance for you to practice your writing in a comfortable, stress-free environment. We provide tea, cookies, and writing prompts. You bring a desire to write, either on one of our prompts or for a project of your own. After the tea and writing we facilitate a general discussion – no specific feedback/criticism here, just a chance to talk about writing and process in a relaxed atmosphere free of judgment. Drop in on Tuesdays from noon to 1pm in UW2-124 to get your write on!

Look for more writing prompts provided by Travis Sharp, the Red Couch Writers facilitator, in the coming weeks!


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