Poem by Kristoffer Warren

The Peer Consultants at the Writing and Communication Center don’t just help other people with writing–they love to write, too! From academic papers to short stories and poems, the WaCC staff have a diverse range of writing interests. Here’s a poem by WaCC Peer Consultant Kristoffer Warren. Check it out below the break!

I’m amazed, my friend’s engaged
I am growing old.

High school freshman are now seniors, I had pay for my own sneakers,
I am growing old.

I can legally drink beer, but milk is better – I’m sincere!
I am growing old.

I must remember my own doctor’s number, so many things to recall – my brain’s torn asunder!
I am growing old.

In less than two years I’ll earn my diploma, I’ll smell opportunity’s sweet aroma,
I am growing old.

The kids from the 90’s are past elementary school, back in those days I was a careless fool,
I am growing old.

Tomorrow’s a new day, that’s worth competing! But it would be better if my hair weren’t receding,
I am growing old.


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