Our Staff & Bloggers

Current Staff:

Erik Echols received his IAS degree from UW Bothell with an emphasis in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior and a Human Rights minor. He specializes in thesis development, writing structure, close reading, and literature reviews.

Colin Davis is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. They specialize in persuasive essays, writing structure, and creative assignments. Colin is currently the WaCC’s Lead Consultant.

Ashley Potter is a graduate student in the School of Education on campus. She graduated with her BA in American and Ethnic Studies at the UW Bothell. She specializes in writing argument papers, analysis papers, and personal statements.

Philip Palios is an undergraduate in the Culture, Literature and the Arts major.  He specializes in academic and creative writing.

Emily Fuller is a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Cultural Studies program on campus. She graduated with her BA in Philosophy from Smith College in 2012.

Vivi Nguyen is an undergraduate student in the International Business program. She specializes in writing literary analysis papers, personal statements, and journalism.

Neele Thom is an undergraduate student currently pursuing a degree in biology. She specializes in research writing projects, and argumentative essays.

Kathleen Sundet is an undergraduate pursuing a Law Economics and Public Policy degree. She specializes in thesis construction, argumentative essays, and personal statements.

Jordan Claire Smith is a senior at UWB majoring in Society, Ethics, & Human Behavior with a minor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies.  She specializes in writing personal statements, research writing, and argumentative writing.

Martin Corpus is an undergraduate in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (MCS program). He holds an Associate’s Degree in Integrated Studies from Cascadia College. He specializes in argument papers, research papers, and has experience with creative writing in the form of screenplays for short films.

Grace Boulanger is an undergraduate student in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts. Her major is Culture, Literature and the Arts; her interests in this area include English literary analysis, Shakespeare, and how texts are adapted for film. She specializes in the beginning stages of the writing process, argument papers and literary analysis.

Mitchell Kopitch is in the MFA for Creative Writing and Poetics and has a background in English Composition. Specializations include creative writing, personal/argumentative essay, and MLA, with particular skills when it comes to close reading, clarity, and cohesion. Also highly efficient at interrupting Grace when she is doing an online conference.

Kimberley Cross is an undergraduate student double majoring in Health Studies and Community Psychology. She specializes in research projects, analysis/synthesis papers, and personal statements with a focus on the drafting process.

Veronica Zhu is a graduate student in the Education major. She has completed a Master degree in Human Resource Management in the UK. Her interests include Multicultural Studies, Immigrant Schooling, and English Language Learners (ELLs). She specializes in the composing stages of writing, cover letter, and personal statement.

Andy Costa is an undergraduate student majoring in Biology. He specializes in literary analysis, research writing, and thesis construction.

Jessica Khaskheli is an undergraduate student in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences. Her major is Environmental Science, and her interests in this area include conservation and environmental education. She specializes in literary analysis, research, and pre-writing.

Brynley Louise is a senior studying in the field of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, majoring in Media and Communications. She specializes in creative writing, pre-writing strategies, and movie analysis. Her favorite types of writing are fiction stories and scripts.

Evan Leahy is an undergraduate Media & Communications Studies student at the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at UW Bothell. Within his major, he focuses on fictional narrative, screenwriting and visual communication. He specializes in argumentative structure, narrative structure, brainstorming/prewriting and organization/focus.

Past Bloggers:

Laura Burgher earned a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Michigan Dearborn and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing & Poetics from the University of Washington Bothell. While Laura doesn’t specialize in an area of writing, they prefer to work with personally meaningful writing, whether creative, argumentative or analytical; writing with a pulse.

Jessica McGarvie is a Law, Economics and Public Policy major, who’s focus in writing is thesis construction, outlining and persuasive essays.

Henry Welch is a undergraduate student in the Community Psychology major.  He transferred with an AA from Edmonds Community College.  He specializes in writing research, and analysis papers.

Ayva Thomas is a senior at UW Bothell who is majoring in Community Psychology. She specializes in research writing, argumentative writing, and personal statements.

Katelyn Oppegard is a current graduate student in UW Bothell’s MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics program. She graduated with BA’s in both Creative Writing and English Literature from California State University, Long Beach. While creative writing is her bread and butter, she is also fond of constructing analytical and research papers.




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