Writing Resources

At the Writing Center, the tutors frequently use the following links to assist students or to find answers to writing-related questions.

Writing Center’s Writing Resources
On the Writing Center’s website, we have links to various resources. Need some quick info on citing sources, finding references, evaluating online sources, or writing a scientific report? We can help with that! Also, we’ve created some handy-dandy tip sheets on various writing topics that you can review and/or print.

Purdue OWL
The Purdue OWL in an invaluable resource for all kinds of writing-related questions. There’s information on citation styles (particularly APA and MLA), but there’s also info about grammar, the writing process, academic writing, punctuation, etc.

St. Cloud LEO
LEO is another great one-stop writing resource. You can find information on APA and MLA citations, and other writing issues.

APA Style Blog
With the APA blog, you can easily search for what you need. The blog is written in an easy-to-understand question/answer format.

Chicago Manual of Style
The CMoS has a website with some great info, including a Quick Guide that provides clear examples of this style.

Diana Hacker-Bedford/St. Martin’s
This website separates writing issues into different writing disciplines: Humanities, Social Science, History, and Sciences.

Other Writing Center Blogs 

Salt Lake Community College

DePaul University

Eastern Illinois University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University Of Texas at Austin

University of Louisville

Edison Writing Center

Walden University

University of Central Missouri

Athens State University


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